Being truly grateful, every day


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I’ve seen so many beautiful posts about what and whom everyone is grateful for in their lives. I was going to make a Thanksgiving post on Facebook to everyone when I realized I had something more to say.

I’m grateful every day. There are so many things in this life that I would not have had if I lived in another country.  I don’t take my freedoms lightly: The freedom to move about in clothing of my choice; the freedom to speak about my convictions; the freedom to live alone; the freedom to be unafraid to be who I am; and to stand up for myself as I need it.  I also have the freedom to continue to educate myself and to choose my friends.

I take none of these for granted because we know in other places and spaces in this country and in others, the rules are different for different folks.   I practice being grateful every day –  especially, on my worst days.   I’ve been open about my story and the struggles I’ve experienced and continue to experience but I have always told myself that someone else may have it worse.

With that perspective in mind, I take joy in everything I have.  I work on that every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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