I am heading North!  


On Wednesday morning, my parents and I are starting a two-week trip to explore more cities in India.   We start in the state of Karnataka with Mysore and Bangalore and make our way to Goa, and then up north to Delhi to be within driving distance of the Taj Mahal in Agra, and the architecture of Jaipur.   I have been dreaming about this trip for years. Will I be able to feel the love Shah Jahan had for Mumtaz when he had the Taj Mahal built?  How will I feel as I walk through Tipu Sultan’s Palace or Brindavan Gardens in Mysore? Are the beaches of Goa as lovely as they say? How pink is the Pink City of Jaipur? How much can I find at Chandni Chowk? Finally, how different is the food of North India compared to Kerala? Follow along as I get the answers to my questions and bear witness to a nexus of history, faith, and culture.



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