Where’s the Connectivity?


My parents and I have been traveling to more northern parts of India since the 15th and getting to know our Motherland a little bit more.   Before I left, I had planned to post stories about each place we visited within a day or two of that site. Alas, our travel schedule and the dratted, inconsistent – sometimes nonexistent – internet connection has foiled my plans. I found myself getting quite anxious about it as a blog should have regular postings.  However, this is India and in India, you roll with it.  It turns out that Wi-Fi is not important at every hotel in India.  The best Wi-Fi we had was in Mysore (Karnataka State).  Everywhere else, the Wi-Fi did not even extend into our rooms.   Apparently, this is common here.   For someone who is used to reading from website articles that are constantly refreshed and then sharing them just as quickly, my usual attempts at sharing via my social media platforms has been frustrating.

When I get back to Kerala with our amazing Wi-Fi at home, I promise more postings with fabulous photos of our adventures in Incredible India.  Until then, I beg your indulgence and ask you to check me out on Facebook as Susamma Seeley  or at Twitter as @seeleysue where I have had more success posting and sharing.  The connectivity is so poor here that it took ten minutes to hyperlink this for you.  Sigh…… I return home next week and will begin posting immediately.  Look for multiple posts following my return with as many photos as I can upload.   See you all soon!

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